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July 2014


Daring to be Authentic… and Impersonating Oprah. (VIDEO)

Two months ago, I gave this speech at the Conscious Diva’s Living Extraordinary Event and several people have asked me if it was recorded. My husband did, but on his phone – hence the delay in sharing as my initial reaction was that it wasn’t good enough quality to post. I hate that I didn’t want to share it for this reason, because the truth is, I’ve based my life and now, my life’s work on being something I’ve been called my whole life – authentic. When I use to hear people say this it was usually after I’d done something silly or “outgoing”, so I always thought it meant that people liked that I didn’t care putting myself ‘out there’. Today, for me, authentic means to be real and show up as you are, warts and all. Because this is when people see the real you and the people who are meant to love you, do and the ones that aren’t… don’t. This “quality” rule I set in place just didn’t jive, so I’m calling myself out and standing for the power of authenticity today and daring to share, even with it’s sound issues and fuzzy areas. Because life is all about these less than polished “blips” and it doesn’t make it any less valuable – in fact, I really believe that it’s IN these moments where the real value is. So with that, I’ve included the longer written version below, because in my nerves, I actually skipped quite a bit in my actual speech that night. So read, or watch and I hope there is something in there that inspires or...

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