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April 2014


Pursue Passion and Purpose and Plant a Kick-Ass Garden.

I want to share some exciting news. I have been invited to speak at an Living Extraordinary, an event hosted by Conscious Diva’s in Vancouver which I am beyond thrilled (and a little terrified) about! I will be standing up in front of over 400 people for seven minutes and speaking about something very close to my heart; a philosophy I believe in and take a stand for, Daring to Suck. And in doing so, I will be Daring to Suck (DTS) in real time… LIVE. In front hundreds of people. Some of them I know, most I don’t. *Gulp* In a sick and twisted way, I really do LOVE this – because there’s nothing like showing people that even if I completely lose it on stage (which I hope I don’t) that it’s worth the risk. Because for me, after living this mantra and seeing the impact its had on my life, I want to SHOW others how to live this and not just talk about it. The main reason I am sharing is about HOW this opportunity came to me. It’s a perfect example of what DTS is all about – because as much as people love to focus on the sucking parts, it’s really about the daring, trying, reaching beyond the familiar and caring more about the effort instead of the outcome. So why is it such a good example? Because when I first applied to speak with Conscious Diva’s last year, they said NO. Don’t get me wrong, they said it nicely. But ‘No thank you’ is still NO. And thank goodness for not being...

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