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January 2014


An Unexpected Love Song for 2014

I wanted to title this post “Some lessons don’t land the first (or tenth time) around” but who knew that my lack of self care over the holidays would result in me discovering my anthem (and love song) for 2014. The past month had me completely sucked into the cliché of holiday chaos. On several moments I heard myself saying “I’d like to slow down and just take a moment to breathe” or in other words, practicing what I preach. Self love, self care, self anything! But did I? Not really. Whenever I tried to ‘check in’ with me, I felt this sense of anxiousness and frustrated that my peace wasn’t coming fast enough so I didn’t want to stay too long in those quiet places to let whatever was in me come up and out (feelings, thoughts, writing) – so, I rushed myself to just get back to real life and get through it. You’d think I’d see the signs to stop and pay attention but apparently I thought I had it handled. Nope. The price I paid was my peace, feeling ungrounded and not experiencing my life however it was showing up.  My husband (God love him) paid the price of having to watch me melt down a few days before Christmas and then after when the feelings were still lingering, instead of just being with my ‘stuff’ and giving it some time to figure it out, I chose to ignore, get my head down and keep going. What resulted was I felt edgy, more emotional, reactive and definitely less grateful and loving.  As much as I...

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