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September 2012


Protein, Fats and Food Logs… OH MY!

So last week was a BIG milestone for me in this whole ‘clean eating’ gig. I dropped my first TEN POUNDS! WOO HOO! And I honestly have to say it has been WAY easier than I thought. Since I began the attending Lisa Carpenter’s E.A.T! Class, a local nutrition program geared toward women who want to lose weight and eat for optimal health, I look at food completely different. I am gaining a greater knowledge and respect for what I should put into my body and how it works to keep me fueled. When I think back to how I used to eat, I had taken my hands off the wheel completely. And I wasn’t binge eating or anything drastic. But really, I was simply NOT in control and here is the simplest reason – there was no thought behind what I ate and whether it was a good choice for me or not. I just flew by the seat of my pants and tried to make the decision as I opened the kitchen cupboards, the fridge door or was out with the kids I would think ‘What do I FEEL like eating?..” Now I think, what does FEELING have to do what I eat??! But it was ingrained in me as a subconscious pattern. Now it seems crazy to even ask the question. I was indulging myself in a useless conversation knowing full well that I had a fairly limited wheel house of options I would go for – bread, cheese, pasta, with some veggies and fruit. I hated thinking about eating because I hated having to decide...

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My Adventures in Coaching.

So part of my journey right now is stepping into my life with both feet  and I’ve recently discovered the next piece to my puzzle, a piece that fills me up and allows me to do what I love in a better way , which is connect with  and help people! Although it felt like the decision to go back to school and train to become a certified life / business coach happened very quickly, the truth is I’ve been seeking it out my whole life. From as far back as I can remember, I would come alive most when I connected and helped the people in my circle overcome a challenge or support them through a difficult time. Roughly six months ago, a close friend turned to me and said “Remember years ago when you mentioned looking into becoming a life coach – Why don’t you?” and even though I’d heard it before, this time it resonated on a deeper level – because she was right, I’ve danced around it for years but truthfully didn’t know HOW someone would become a coach. It all seemed so airy fairy to me. Growing up, I loved watching coaches come on Oprah then religiously watched every episode of “The Starting Over House” and more recently “Breakthrough” by Tony Robbins…glued to every word and life changing moment. I just eat this stuff up!! Whatever they do, I love it. But would wonder… how could I do that? I was good at being a supportive friend that had some life experience which seemed to help me help others, but figured, that’s not going to...

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I’m ready to E.A.T!

After my last post, I have to say WOW! That was hard. But I didn’t expect so many comments, emails, phone calls, texts from friends reaching out to say they felt the same way and were not only behind me 100% but some are even joining me in the challenge to create more meaning and purpose in their lives. Double WOW! I had no idea that hearing from you would feel so good and ignite me that much more, so please don’t stop. If you have something to share – ANYTHING, please do. I want to hear your experiences, perspective and thoughts too 🙂 And get this… I’ve got people asking to run with me! Wha? Me????!!! I feel like Forest Gump for God’s sake! Haha! And just so you know, I am on a mission to find a t-shirt (or make one if I have to) that says “SAY HELLO” or better yet “TELL ME TO KEEP GOING”. Stay tuned on that one. So here’s the deal. It’s not my first time to this rodeo. I’ve eaten healthy, worked out (a little) and lost 30 lbs… THREE times in the last 15 years. I started with the Carbohydrate Addicts diet, then Sure-Slim (twice) but used them in almost a band-aid approach. I just did what they told me to do and it worked. There was no information behind it and I didn’t care. I just wanted to lose the weight so I could move on. And by moving on, this meant going off the diet and eventually gaining the weight back (and then some). I’m good at the...

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My Starting Point.

A few weeks ago I took my first step of action for my ‘health plan’ by meeting with Lisa Carpenter, our local fitness and nutrition coach about her upcoming E.A.T! Program. I was pretty anxious to chat with her because I knew I was going to get a very sobering reality check on where I was at physically. I was going to get numbers on HOW BAD I’d let things get. Ugggh. As soon as I sat down – tears. I felt embarrassed, humiliated, angry, frustrated and a bit lost as to HOW I was going to get back to a place where I could move without pain or difficulty and shed this fat-coat I’d built up over the last five years. More importantly I wanted to feel better about myself. I was stuck and didn’t realize that I was so down on myself. Although addressing all this was hard, I knew deep down it was necessary. Thank god Lisa was a very safe place to land as she knew and articulated EXACTLY what I was thinking and feeling when I couldn’t bare to say the words myself. She was extremely supportive through this and I felt it. As we talked, the tears passed and together, we discover places in my life where I could make this mission of mine happen. Even if it was 30 minutes here or one set of exercises there. When I was really honest and looked at my days, I could find time EVERY day even if it meant run/walking at 8:30 at night after the kids were all settled. Then something changed in...

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Did I just do that?

So one of the things I’m practicing in my journey to a bigger life is telling that shitty voice in my head who lists all the reasons why I shouldn’t or couldn’t do something … to shut the hell up. So, after my original post talking about getting back into fighting shape, a friend on Facebook suggested I join her for the 6:15 class at the new spinning gym, Spinergy Fitness in Steveston Village on Wednesday. “Haha..(said the voice in my head), You? Spin? Nope, that’s for the fit mom’s with high ponytails and tight butts. Not you. You’ll hurt yourself for sure.” So, to spite the little bugger, I quickly wrote her back “Count me in!” The more I thought about it, the more I truly worried that I might actually hurt myself – and this wasn’t anyone’s voice but my own talking now. People… I am REALLY out of shape. And I’m not a person with low self-esteem. I like myself… aloh! So much that I really didn’t want to hurt my awesome self. I am a realist. Last time I even semi-regularly worked out was  five years ago and even then it was a burst of 6 months and then I was done with it.And FYI, during one of those boot camp-type sessions I put my back out so bad that I was laid up for a week! Then I said to myself “Just shut up and let’s do this.” (hence the title on this blog – I say this a lot now) I called up Spinergy and spoke with one of their people who assured...

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