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I’m Keri-Anne Livingstone, an intuitive healer, comedic speaker and emotional empowerment coach who help Empaths, Deep Feelers, Helpers and Healers explore, express and expand on a Soul level.

As an energy magnet, it’s hard to show up for yourself the way you do for others and yet you know more than anyone how important this is.

Whether you move your gifts as a parent, protester or promoter of work that heals humanity – you were called here on purpose.

I’m here to help you honour the call with more clarity, confidence and conviction.

You are open, trusting and FEEL everything that crosses your path so getting shit done for yourself is hard.

Keeping yourself feeling grounded and focused on your own dreams, a challenge.

Sensing so much over time without proper support can feel heavy, overwhelming, confusing so having your own support becomes paramount to keep you as clear and connected as possible.

You are a light-worker and human which can be a tricky to navigate.

Just because you know stuff doesn’t make this ride easier. In fact some days you pray to turn the volume down on it all. But awareness is a double-edged sword.

You came here to participate fully and it’s a ridiculously exhausting to navigate on your own.

But you were never expected to.

This is why I’m here.

We all deserve more courage, confidence and comedy to keep our ass on the full seat while we ride!

My role is to facilitate more clarity and connection to your highest truth for you to feel aligned an on track to honour the commitment you made before you arrived.

The open up to all the learning along the way.

Too emotional? More like EMPATHETIC BADASS.

The things is, you showed up open, with your heart in hand and were built to hold a LOT for humanity. This is your noble gift – to feel with and serve the collective.

But it doesn’t always feel like a gift. Some days it has you on your knees, then face down wondering ‘what the actual f*ck is going on?’

You aren’t meant to do this alone.

Not every ‘healer’ out there is going to be able to support you in the way you need.

When you show up the way you do (loving powerhouse that you are) the work can take a toll on your heart, your energy, your focus and your own growth as a helper and healer.

I’ve been asked to remind you (with love) that it’s your Divine responsibility to keep your shit as clear and connected as possible to stay the course.

Your energy and boundaries require continuous care.

Full emotional expression becomes a priority in order for you to show up as the spacious and expansive vessel that receives and responds as Life unfolds.

You’re a Divine Instrument that deserves care and compassionate tuning to keep you growing and stepping into everything you are meant to.

You came to lean into the limitless of your own potential so let’s see what this puppy can do!

The “bigger” you get, however, the more you can hold and move.

So you need a bigger and stronger container to grow in feeling safe, seen and fully sovereign in that process.

No guru telling you to do it their way.

No manipulation or unwanted “hands” on your process as you can sense that shit a mile away and it drives you insane.

You want respect and freedom to see and learn things through your own lens.

This is where I come in.

So, who am I and what do I do?

I’m a masterful at creating safety for you to open up to the process easily and listen more deeply than others ever have.

You sense how much I honour not only you but your experience. Respect is at the forefront.

As you begin to speak I receive information that will guide and support us to reveal and articulate things you either cannot (yet) see or are perhaps feel unwilling to, alone.

Why would you be so blind or unwilling?

Because it feels TOO BIG and MESSY to navigate solo. And part of you simply doesn’t know what to do with “IT” once you SEE it.

How does anyone open a “can of worms” with feelings and information spilling out everywhere without  feeling overwhelmed by the next step of …okay, so now what?

I do, though.

This is my gift. And I accept everything that comes with it, fully.

I ensure you hold all the power to participate and drive the process. I get to play too with permission as you always have your hands on the wheel.

Together we invite in your “stuff” with curiosity, compassion, allowance and full permission to be there. All is welcome.

I facilitate a meeting that opens you up to your souls experience and you discover there’s a LOT that shows up to be untangled and understood.

We take the process at the pace that suits it best and always, respectfully.

I’m not here to be a crutch.

My goal is to teach you over time to trust and tune into your own intuitive system and listen to your heart and soul on the deepest level as fragments of you courageously step forward to be seen.

And a new conversation begins.

One that brings acceptance for the good, the bad and the ugly to exist side by side with ZERO judgement. You watch them work together, united in their full expression. Each are respected and honoured, deeply.

As you surrender to what arises, you allow these parts to lead and they are grateful to be finally heard.

I articulate and interpret the waves of information pouring into the space as best I can from my end and much like visiting a spiritual chiropractor, adjustments occur that  make make more room as the container expands.

You and I become the humble, open and impressionable students of your own experience, unexplored pain and unexpressed emotion.

At times, it feels like we are in the presence of a miracle… because we are.

You become like a flower opening up to the warm rays of the sun, eager to grow as a result of facing it’s power.

You allow yourself to be impacted and changed by the energy present.

Grace shows up to assist and Forgiveness begins without them needing to say the words.

You SEE things as they WERE and as they ARE now, from a more loving and impersonal vantage point. You finally understand so much more.

Things “click” into place feeling a rush of new energy flows with vigour to your limbs.

Inspiration. Ideas. Insights. Creativity. Resourcefulness.

You are pink and flushed with life again.

Bigger, stronger, wiser as you ride this wave to shore.

I teach you the practice of acknowledging and celebrating the journey you took to get here.

I’m in awe and inspired by the process every. damn. time.

We acknowledge that you walked through fiery doorways marked doubt, shame or guilt like a badass.

You arrive on the other side with the baggage and overgrowth burned away clean.

Feeling spacious, whole, light, free, peaceful, and reconciled in a way you never expected.

YOU did this.

I hold up a mirror to make sure you don’t miss this – the most part.

To witness and accept your own greatness. Fully.

You feel healed in some way and baffled by the process we just walked through.

You see that the previously murky water now runs clean and clear with more wisdom, love and acceptance than before.

Before we part I invite you to take a BIG drink from your own fountain that feels like the Bellagio looks!

You leave knowing much more is possible from here for YOU and more importantly those you came here to serve.

As the living embodiment of “Bless the Mess and Trust the Process” you move forward with a fearless faith that’s fuels the next phase of your Life’s work.


The world requires YOUR unique expression in it in order to impact and inspire not only yourself but those around you. 

The ripple effect is real.

And I am here to help you make waves, my friend.

If ANY part of you feels called and ready to experience this work and try me on for size… 

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I’m not here to convince or sell you. 

You either want it and love it… or you don’t.

My job is to show up fearlessly committed to the work, and I will.

In service of my soul and yours… Daring to Suck. 




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