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Just a few short years ago, I was an overwhelmed Mom and a disconnected Woman living an unfulfilled corporate lifestyle. I unknowingly transformed my ‘unconscious’ life in every way by exploring one powerful concept …


Meaning… I dared to TUNE IN to my heart,  SPEAK UP for my desires (even though I was terrified and unsure) and TAKE CONSCIOUS ACTION to begin the comeback of my life! Read more about my personal journey here.

Daring to Suck is about living from that place inside you, that loves a good dare.  The part that just wants to show up and experience the ride – no matter what the outcome is – because it knows that living this way is exciting and worth it!

bbbbbbToday, I serve the world as a Certified Empowerment Coach, Impassioned Speaker and “Edu-tainer” facilitating  connection, authentic expression, self acceptance and liberation for open-hearted freedom seekers wanting more JOY and ALIVENESS in their life and work. 

What if you could BE who you want to be, DO what you want to DO and FEEL how you feel without apologies, explanation or guilt? To take conscious action and fully express your unique contribution in the world?  

I am here to help you experience this miracle.

Are We Meant To Work Together?

Yes, if you feel the call to …

LEAD, LOVE and LIVE more DARINGLY to bring more aliveness in your life and stop “existing”.

BREAK FREE THE ROUTINE AND RUT you are in because something daringly different is calling.

EMPOWER YOUR EMOTIONS and work with them instead of denying, neglecting or pushing them aside.

SAY YES TO AUTHENTICITY, PASSION AND PURPOSE in everything you do – no more holding back or hiding.

SAY NO TO PRACTICALITY OR WHAT “MAKES SENSE” and waiting for things to change on their own.

BE FREE AND “TEAR DOWN THE WALLS” open to the full experience of life (good, bad, clean, messy) while totally knowing how radical living this statement can be and what it means to lead yourself and others from this place.

FEEL STRONG, SAFE AND CONFIDENT to bring more of YOU and your UNIQUE dreams, ideas, style, experience and wisdom into your life, relationships, work …and the world!  And most importantly, to …



The world requires YOUR unique expression in it in order to impact and inspire not only yourself but those around you. 

The ripple effect is real.

And I am here to help you make waves, my friend.

If you feel called to explore, discover and claim your brilliance with my help, let’s connect and make sure it feels right for both of us. I promise when we do, it will be one of the most powerful conversations you’ve had in a long time!  

Email me at info(at) and tell me two things:

a) A little bit about who you are, what’s going on and why you are ready to live more daringly; and

b) What you hope to gain or achieve in working together. What do you want, wish and hope for as a result?

I promise to respond within 24 hours!

For more information about private coaching sessions with me, visit here.

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